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We just got authorization on a major exterior restoration project. Details to follow.

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Karl Zenk
Owner, Architectural Restorations

Architectural Restorations provides a unique portfolio of services designed specifically to address the needs of homeowners residing in older homes in the greater La Crosse area. We recognize that these homeowners appreciate the craftsmanship and architectural appeal these historic properties offer. We also recognize that the methods, materials and level of craftsmanship used to originally construct these homes was far different than the “mass production” techniques used in current home construction.

Although the older homes have withstood the test of time for many decades, they do need repair and renovation to maintain their integrity. This poses unique challenges as many of the construction methods, materials and hardware used in original construction are no longer available. Many “remodeling” contractors are either not willing or not equipped to perform renovation and restoration services. As most contractors depend on material sales, mark-up and lower cost labor to provide a large portion of their revenue, it often is not in their best business interest to provide restoration services.

Architectural Restorations is a service organization, not a “typical” contractor. We do NOT mark up materials. We make every attempt to repair and restore homes using existing original materials and hardware. If necessary, we only use replacement materials compatible and architecturally consistent with those existing on the home. This usually involves custom fabrication of replacement elements or procuring replacements from architectural salvage outlets. Whatever it takes, maintaining the historical integrity and architecture of the home is a very high priority. Our business model exemplifies attention to detail and quality workmanship over “production.” We approach every project, no matter how small as a custom restoration.

Karl N. Zenk, Owner of Architectural Restorations has resided in La Crosse since 1993 and raised his family here. He has a science degree and over 25 years professional business experience. Architectural Restorations was founded based on his passion for classic architecture, love of restoring furniture and homes, and desire to preserve fine homes in a manner that does not detract from their original appeal.

This webpage was inspired and originally put together by Zachary Francis Zenk 1988 – 2011

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