Our Mission

The City of La Crosse enjoys a rich architectural heritage exemplified in a large number of historically significant residential properties.

These homes exhibit distinct architectural styles ranging from classic Victorian, Prairie, Revival, Queen Anne, French Cottage and amalgamations of several styles.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, these homes each represent a part of our history when highly skilled craftsmen using hand tools and talent handed down through generations built homes that were the pride of their owners. Older homes carry warmth, class and charm that is absent from even the most expensive new homes in our area.

Although extremely well built, the majority of these homes are reaching ages of 100 years or more. Modern remodeling techniques and materials are often incompatible with those used during original construction Historical features such as double hung leaded glass windows or quarter-sawn oak woodwork and staircases cannot be replaced with vinyl windows or modern millwork. Most local contractors are not set up to provide restoration work. Their business model depends on selling modern materials at a mark-up and utilizing under-skilled labor to make a profit.

Architectural Restorations is a service provider, NOT a remodeling contractor. We attempt to salvage original materials as much as possible. Instead of removing and replacing windows, trim and other building components, we remove existing finishes, repair or restore the component, then apply new finishes. When necessary, we custom fabricate components to historically match existing features using the same materials used during original construction. We do not mark-up materials. Our clients pay only for their actual cost.

When proposing on a project, we meet with a potential client to discuss their specific needs, outline options based on budgetary constraints and project timeline, provide professional opinions and technical advice, and discuss our methods and procedures for completing the project.

Our proposals are highly detailed and include a specific scope of work, descriptions of each task to be completed, clearly outline our and our client’s responsibilities, include a project timeline and detailed project budget listed by task. We also provide an estimate of materials costs to assist our client in determining total project costs.

We treat each and every project as if the work was being conducted on our own homes. We strive to provide the highest level of professionalism throughout the project and take great pride in the quality of our work. Our goal is to exceed client expectations on every project we complete. We are passionate about what we do and attempt to convey that passion in our results.

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